was developed to provide a way to search all of the information within  During the development process, we decided to expand the scope of the documents search to all authoritative sites that deal with southern Maryland.  The idea was to have one comprehensive search engine for southern Maryland.

But what about Google? We love Google and we use it every day.  However, when we want information about southern Maryland, we thought it would be nice not to have to filter out the other billion or so web pages in the world that have nothing to do with what we're looking for.

What do you mean by authoritative sites? Who doesn't have a page on the internet these days?  While many of these pages are well intentioned, the information is often not accurate or the site has been abandoned.  Engines like Google index whatever they find on the net.  They do not usually know how to discern what is "official" information.  Our editors have selected sites which we consider to contain authoritative information for southern Maryland.  They include local and state government, school boards, news & media, politicians, and military.

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